Friday, April 17, 2009

She's So "Put Together"

We all know her. She's that woman who always seems to have every hair in place, every fingernail polished (and chip-free), and is classicly chic and trendy. We find ourselves describing her as "put together". So what does it take to get this polished look? How can we Cur-V-Girls use what we have in our wardrobes and put it all together? Well, by adding some gorgeous accessories of course!

I've contacted a Cur-V-Girl-friend, Renee, from and asked her to write an article on what accessories are must-haves to get the "put together" look we all want this Spring. Here is what she has written:

" I know most articles start by stating that plus size girls=plus size accessories. This simply isn’t true anymore; the plus size woman has far more choices now than ever before. And accessories are too much fun to ignore. For the plus size woman, accessorizing shouldn’t be about hiding under big bulky items! We should not be limited by our size, only by our imaginations!

We’ll start simple. We all have a favorite outfit, be it a fabulous LBD (little black dress), or your fave jeans and tee. You probably wear it the same way each time, same shoes, same hairstyle etc. Why not switch it up? For instance why not dress up your tee and jeans with an adorable cropped vest and loose necklaces? Always wear your hair straight and parted down the middle? Try scrunching it into a fab updo to show off your beautiful face.

When you make getting dressed, and shopping for new clothes and accessories fun, you show others that 'yeah I’m plus size, but so so what?' If you're uncomfortable with your size, and normally dress to hide, this would be a great way to come out of your shell a little. Don’t limit yourself based on your size!

Accessories are some of the easiest and least expensive ways to update your look. Neon is a really hot trend right now, so try adding an amazingly fluorescent pair of hoops, sandles, or a clutch. Stackable bangles are perfect for Spring and Summer fashions. Look for a Statement necklace- one that really gives a pop of color or says something about your personal style. Also, look for embellished headbands, exotic earrings and try a vintage perfectly beat up denim jacket!

For accessories that will transform your wardrobe, but protect your wallet, try shopping at: The Icing, (for new and vintage items), flea markets (for OOAK items), and Target."

Thank you so much Renee for taking the time to share your fashion insights with us!

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