Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Fashion for The Cur-V-Girl

Spring has finally sprung! The leaves are budding, flowers are blooming, and here in Austin, TX we are already dreading the coming heat. Spring is a time for renewal of energy, creativity and sprituality. It's a time to connect to our inner beauty, and shed the winter clothes that hide us from the world.

This transformation can inspire both excitement and fear as we Cur-V-Girls relinquish our snuggly winter sweaters and look in our wardrobes for body revealing T's and skirts. I know that I personally have a favorite black sweater that my sister has nick-named "the Lamb" because of its woolly nature. I am remiss to part with it, as it has given me a sense of comfort and security all winter long; hiding that extra donut- or three- that I ate in the past weeks.
Now it is time to put woolly away. Yet, I find I have not taken the time to look for clothing that will make me look great and feel confident in my curva-licious body. So, I have begun searching through my favorite on line site Etsy.com, and have found some amazing items that will be sure to encourage even the most reluctant Cur-V-Girl to give up her "lamb".

From Plus size designer JaneBonBon at http://www.janebonbon.etsy.com/ I found this adorable sundress. It is a bra-less dress that can custom ordered in any size! Doesn't it just inspire you to throw off your sweats and do a twirl around the park?

Not ready to bear your arms? Try this amazing hand-crocheted capelet available from TickledPinkKnits at http://www.tickledpinkknits.etsy.com/ . It comes in 14 different colors- just perfect to wear over your favorite summer dress or blouse!

Want to get your dull winter skin super smooth and ready for that spring wardrobe? Try this "Day At The Beach Exfoliating Shea Butter Soap" with a "Summery Fragrant Blend of Sand, Sun-Kissed Sea Spray, Suntan Lotion, and Mandarin" from Etsy seller http://www.cozymoments.etsy.com/ . Can't you just picture the ocean breezes from that description!

Join me tomorrow for my next post on "Creating a Slimmer Silhouette"

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